Al Kharafa

Al Kharafa (S60 2nd y 3rd)

Catch the fruit in your basket


  • Simple controls
  • Online high scores table


  • Basic graphics and animation
  • No different stages
  • No difficulty settings

Not bad

Personally I'm not a big fan of eating dates, so if a load of them were falling off a tree I'd probably just leave them on the ground. Not this Omani girl though, she loves the stuff.

The object of this very simple game is to catch the falling fruit in her basket to score points. Make sure you only collect the red dates as you will lose a life if you nab a yellow one.
You also lose a life if you drop a red one, and have a total of four lives to play with.
The control system is perhaps the easiest you'll find and you can just move left or right using the keys on your phone.
Collecting a red date will earn you a point and there is an online high scores table where you can judge yourself against other Al Kharafa players.

Ultimately, this game is very basic in all its elements. The graphics are very plain, animation is woeful, and the backgrounds do not vary.
There are no difficulty settings or various levels to negotiate so the game quickly becomes tedious.
Al Kharafa is fun to play for a few minutes, but the novelty wears off pretty quickly.

The object of Al Kharafa is to help an Omani girl collect the falling dates using the left and right arrows. You must catch the fully ripe dates (red in color) and avoid the ones which are not ripe (yellow-ish in color).

Al Kharafa


Al Kharafa (S60 2nd y 3rd)

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